my first song....

hey is the song i wrote for the first time ............i wrote it in my class when i came from the auditorium where i lost in the singing contest........wish u 'd like tell me  what u think about it........if all the songs are gonna be a hit .....i'll think of singing 'em, taping 'em and posting 'em in all the blogs and websites i can .......please be honest with my grammar or any other errors.........since i am an indian i don't know if what i am doing is going good, i mean the writings, may look a bit weird  without the rhymes but i have a tune that suits the ahead.....

    Forget Your Fears.....

why?! why?!
why is everything going wrong ?
whom do i feel sorry for?
did i let somebody down ?
"of course yes"says my heart

is there a way to feel better?
is  god playing tricks on me?
couldn't there be anyway 
to get rid of my fears

there's a rainbow in every of us
there's a time to let it out
gotta be sure while doin' things noted
'cause everything is slipping out of my little hands...

could i laugh at least in my dreams?
i gotta need a ray  of sunshine
commenting things is a big mess 
ignoring 'em is what matters

making me feel like in a hell
wanna get back homeward soon
all these disgusts felt by me
looking forward to hit my big day!

there's abutterfly in every of us
there's a time to set it free
and when it comes out it's a whole lot of fun
wanna see it ?forget your fears....

oh......yeah........forget your fears...........

meet u in my next post.......bye...

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