happy that i can blog!

i have no idea as to why on earth i feel so peckish all day today.......this feeling is making me guilty that i am gonna gobble up everything has cooked besides her meeting with an accident...i  am feeling hungry even now ,while typing this.......but that doesn't deprave me from posting a long wished blogpost in the middle of my busy school schedule.......i feel good when i feel that i can catch up with all my blog buddies however busy i am ........and i am disappointed about  all those controversies about Project Runway season 10....i mean that i love fashion but anyway i can still  watch it.........

and um... i am kinda  feeling restless, although really i don't feel it in my heart, cos i 've not been sleeping for the past week with my brothers heavy  breathing, although he is just a young tot.......i also cried once,as far as i can remember.......and i have been waking up in the middle of the nights and then realize it is not a dream but really i have opened my eyes! And goodness i have not been sleep-walking!and thus.....i feel like dozing off to sleep in the class....but now that today is a holiday i was in my bed till 7 '0 clock in the morning...but i feel lazy not relaxed.........(how fickle-minded i am !)and repaired my dish antenna as it was really getting on my nerves with the channels getting struck while watching.......it is the most irritating feeling in the whole world!

And i am getting along with all my subjects and i am happy about it..i am already confused what pic to accompany my words.....it has been raining for the past 1 month.....and i feel that feeling when i was happily enjoying my book-reading nerdy time.......i am so glad i can go borrow books in the school library even now ( because normally i thought  senior students r not allowed to spend time freely at all rather than physical education class and few other  useful things related to education and stuff)...and this newbie to my school , Vijetha, had acted strange when i told her i watch making-out scenes (not really cos indian televisions thankfully don't display all that shit) in english T.V shows ,especially One Tree Hill.......

...anyway she says she is not allowed to watch any english  movies and stuffs saying she is protected from all the grow-up  bad scene  stuffs.....but i say it is all common up there in USA  and UK and  many other countries............anyway i watch them cos i wanna improve my english........and i turn to other channels  when the scenes go extreme.....and life goes on anyway, does it not!?

 and i am happy to tell u all that i cooked today's breakfast ( spaghetti  and some other type of pasta) which is so spicier than yesterday night's pasta........i can say i am living  feeding on pasta now  cos i love pasta.....but i am sure i'll get sick and bored of it soon.....so.........i'll be back with more updates on my life.....

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