nancy drew!

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got this long-awaited chance of going to my school library and pick nancy drew book that u can see here.......since i borrowed it from the library it is torn( which u can't see here in this pic but u can make out that it is old! ) cos of all these years of reading and handling of it by  readers( crazy readers like me!) at school.......

i am so excited but at the same time disappointed cos i've got lots of home work to do which will consume my time of reading the book..............!i so desperately wanna read it............cos i love
"nancy drew"  stories and goosebumps so much..partly cos these r the only exotic books in the library except a few unknow ones like novels and other books like "sweet valley" and stuffs....

and the  sweet news is kate middleton's little born tot!

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