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holla everyone!

I have  decided to write about the things about my life(yes,personal....besides...blogs are personal most of the times ,right?!!!)...things that have been happening to me(nah,not the bad ones...there is nothing called 'bad')ever since i have entered this new place called college. so,from where to start it off?!this is probably going to be the continuation of an entry i already made about college life here,but this time,i have come after learning something(gaining a teeny bit more wisdom!).
 All my life (mind you, i have a really beautiful life,and i am proud to say it:)  ) i have been with my,mum,dad,grandparents,extended point here is....i also had friends(still have 'em)....and i am not gonna say i am a loner because i am sick of calling myself that,cos i have always had a family and a really good group of people whom i refused to call 'friends' cos i had a completely different definition for here it go…

the college me

hey fellow beautiful feels like i havent been here in like ages!whoa...i am done missing my blogs and your aswesome blogposts....i have joined college and am all set here.found a few good little dormitory is cool and humble and i am loving it.and also i really dont get the feeling of being away from home most of the is quite a rarity that i feel it.well,apart from this,life is good,although it has been slightly messed up lately, i still feel like i got it all figured out.i know who i want to be,just figuring out how am gonna improvise it,though.funny how long it takes me to do that.pretty long,maybe.

well, looking at the bright side, i have found out that there is so much potential in me to be kind and nice to much goodness that i have been  hiding behind my poker face thinking that all i can do is hurt people.and guess what i am not that heartbreaker that i have been thinking i am.and a few people (my friends )r helping me be the good me…

my soundcloud

hey guys.i have recently logged into soundcloud and have made a few covers of songs of a few artists. u just might wanna check my here
                    do tell me how i sound.hope u like them.

Summer blogging

Hey my blogger buddies!!!

                           How is everything going on? I have had a pretty long and  kind of busy summer . April was full of  entrance exam preparation classes in a school i'd rather call remotely haunted(i am serious about 'haunted',maybe because the school had too many trees growing inside its premises)  and May was a month of swimming classes .June was a vacation month.July  is a travel- a-- long distance- and- learn- C- language- as- fast- as- you- can  month.

                           Also,this could be the very last month i can blog here as i am off to college on 30th of this month.gotta buy stuff,brace myself for the new experience and get started with the busy college schedule and studies .Somehow, I extended my last goodbye (for the next 2 years )blog-post  (in 2013)  to a few blog-posts, this time i know that keeping the goodbyes short makes everything easy.

Well,to get started ,i am back with a few pictures taken from my  phone (yes, …

gifts for my buddies.....

Hey blogger has been a few months that I have blogged and here I am posting the pics of the books i am gonna gift my new found friends who I hope to stay connected with after my time at school......

And this is the dress I bought yesterday....I know it is a short skirty dress...makes me look like a kido.

back with flowers....

Hi everyone.......i think i am permanently back or something.....i don't know...but well....people say cherish every moment of your life,be it short or long. so here i am cherishing my time  on i am back with lesser adored flowers of the world that we all don't know come from veggies and it any flower, flowers r always beautiful....or at least flowers are flowers!

this one is lady's finger (okra) flower

flower a kind of bean 

a brinjal flower

fennel flower

a sapodilla flower(bud)

a pomegranate flower with a growing pomegranate.

well.....the tomatoes grew so fast that they didn't wanna wait for me to take a shot at them...

 this one.......this is just  a simple flower ....doesn't give any kinda fruit or anything.....but i love it cos it grows so bushy and full of sun coloured angry flowers .