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gifts for my buddies.....

Hey blogger has been a few months that I have blogged and here I am posting the pics of the books i am gonna gift my new found friends who I hope to stay connected with after my time at school......

And this is the dress I bought yesterday....I know it is a short skirty dress...makes me look like a kido.

back with flowers....

Hi everyone.......i think i am permanently back or something.....i don't know...but well....people say cherish every moment of your life,be it short or long. so here i am cherishing my time  on i am back with lesser adored flowers of the world that we all don't know come from veggies and it any flower, flowers r always beautiful....or at least flowers are flowers!

this one is lady's finger (okra) flower

flower a kind of bean 

a brinjal flower

fennel flower

a sapodilla flower(bud)

a pomegranate flower with a growing pomegranate.

well.....the tomatoes grew so fast that they didn't wanna wait for me to take a shot at them...

 this one.......this is just  a simple flower ....doesn't give any kinda fruit or anything.....but i love it cos it grows so bushy and full of sun coloured angry flowers .