when i (we)grow up....

Hey  beautiful fellow bloggers and buddies!
                                                   I am here to make a new blog entry about the life i might just be living 8 years down the line............until then i will keep enhancing it with all the crazy thoughts and dreams i keep getting in my head about it.......This life that i am talking about .....i always dreamt  it would be a lonely yet happy and free one...well,the good news now is i WON'T BE ALONE in this dream of mine cos it is not just mine...it is being shared by a very best friend of mine and we r still in talks with our other friends to share it with  and we r frigging serious about it(yeah u heard me right,we r serious,kids being serious about their future!!!!Okay so if hadnt met  them back then....i would still live this dream thingy by myself ....but  well,we aint kids ,we r just  very clever girls thinking our minds out of our brains to set  the perfect goal in life,besides what is life without  the people u wanna spend the rest of ur life with....!!!!???!!!yeah i mean friends...not boyfriends and stuff and so goes our dream ,a fairytale ( i am acting way fantasy-minded here!)waiting to come true in a faraway land( on earth).
                                                        "distance brings you closer together"

if this quote ever came true it did now in my life......
cos when i was with these beautiful friends of mine,i never knew we'd come this far and still be together and neither did they.i dont know if this is the excitement of talking after a long break of not being in touch with each other which leads to us missing each other ,but i can assure u this ......i think we fit perfectly ......yeah.......but here we are (and whoa,,,,,Taylor's '22' playing in the background over here!!!....and now my dreams cant get any more pleasant!:)  ),here we are in different places connected by internet(thank god or  if it is the the big bang theory for gifting us with internet!) ,connected by phones(when the wifi goes baam!:(  ) and we still feel close and good about this thing we have hanging by the thread of  trust and hope and friendship(such a sweet thing)!!!!

 I am gonna make it picturesque ....uh...just a little ...gonna make it like a scrapbook thingy  ....lets call it scrap-blog thingy!

First off......we finish our UG.....and then higher studies .....PG abroad (dont ,please dont ask me why abroad) maybe,Britain(still working on deciding  the location) and then settle there ,maybe, with our families (this does not sound that practical ,though! but maybe we can make it work or stay BFFs living alone!) and live happily ever after.....after all happily ever afters do apply to friendship and it kinda seems more apt for friends and family  according to me!and then when we come to the case about career...hmm...we study well now.....become somebody great or good at our chosen courses and specialize in it and grab a nice niche at Google or NASA or some place which we will add to our dreams in the years to come ,but  those two are top notch ,we all know that!and to get to the top notch companies we gotta be like......really really good at what we r studying right now!we can do it.....can do!:)

The thing is that  i can totally  relate with 'em and they with me and we share the same  dreams which makes this dream come off good (hopefully).

Oh....and we will do a lot of travelling....so much of it for sure......such freaks we are gonna be....rather say....such cool women we will be!we would be so much more than anything we have ever ,like ever dreamed of ourselves being  if we had not met each other 2 and a half years ago.

I never thought i would still be dreaming these crazy dreams that i only used to do as a kid....if anything....my childhood dream wall all about me ,myself and I.....but now,its with these girls !

Maybe i am still being that kido !i dream and think of stuff way too often and plan ,yeah plan.....and this is just an enhanced version of something that we left off  a year ago! and this time it sounds less kiddish and more practical and sensible with us getting to know the life outside school and  our sweet homes.

We want all this to happen so badly(like,too badly).i get excited everytime i think about this....wishful thinking or a masterplan that could really come true...i am just so happy to dream about it cos these girls are the best things that have ever happened to me after my family  happened  in the first place.

Well,till that time comes we will just keep dreaming and hope for the very best to happen! and i am  darn sure u all have dreams and wishes like we do!!!!so,do feel free to share them ....they could be my inspiration too!:)

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