I Wish (insanely hypothetical dreams)

{ thus,Space travel.}

                    There is no way that a person can be 'great' at multiple careers/things in his/her life  time and so I call the various things that  I am good at as 'just hobbies'. Mundane earthly overambitious things sound too much  for a girl? be my guest and read on about the wildest sci-fi  things that I wish could come really really true .

                   I want to be able to survive by breathing any kind of gas that is in my reach( i mean i need a body to adaptable to all kinds of environments that exist in real life/universe), I want to be able to not eat food, not drink water and still be alive- Immortality is what  I mean here.

                 I want to be able to escape a space alien in times of distress (or miscommunication with my space buddy )or travel from place to place;planet to planet;galaxy to galaxy and travel between coordinates that are much beyond the universe that we know of.

Yep, space travel is the goal here - to the vastness of the universe and to  that what lies beyond.

( photo: Meghana Pathapati)

(picture: a click from the movie " The Penguins of  Madagascar ")

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