One Summer Day

Hello y'all :))) hope you are having one awesomeness of  your day .

The sun oh my oh my is shining bright , almost burning  bright i should say!  it is a  very sunny day here and its as if there is no atmosphere above the part of the earth that i am in and the rays are hitting everything in its way ruthlessly harsh but thanks to the occasional warm breeze and the fresh spring leaves  glistening under the summer afternoon Sun i still get the feeling that global warming has  not reached its catastrophic level "yet"...... so phewww!and few nights now have been so starry and i can only wish for a good camera to capture the moment.So there goes the weather update and i am  loving the clearness of this weather, i can see things crystal clear unlike the moody rainy days...the sky is cloudless and almost azure....i dont know if its just me  but i find it hard to see things clearly when the weather isn't sunny and I'll go right ahead and blame it on my effed up eyesight ahaha......or maybe its something that everybody with an eyesight problem deals with too :|
First they say i can have my surgery at 19 and now they its at 23 , ugh!

I'm pretty glad that blogger has not become outdated for me  because i have seen many blogs being left unnoticed and worse some blogs that i have been following for so long are disappearing  lately :/
maybe instagram, snapchat and  other applications  are where the blog's owners have started heading  out to. Well , call me an old soul cos I am really fond of stick with the things i found in my tween-hood so blogger is not something that I'd let go very easily or let go at all :)

Hang on for more posts this summer, now i am off to study for my last exam of this semester YAY !

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