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my soundcloud

hey guys.i have recently logged into soundcloud and have made a few covers of songs of a few artists. u just might wanna check my here
                    do tell me how i sound.hope u like them.

Summer blogging

Hey my blogger buddies!!!

                           How is everything going on? I have had a pretty long and  kind of busy summer . April was full of  entrance exam preparation classes in a school i'd rather call remotely haunted(i am serious about 'haunted',maybe because the school had too many trees growing inside its premises)  and May was a month of swimming classes .June was a vacation month.July  is a travel- a-- long distance- and- learn- C- language- as- fast- as- you- can  month.

                           Also,this could be the very last month i can blog here as i am off to college on 30th of this month.gotta buy stuff,brace myself for the new experience and get started with the busy college schedule and studies .Somehow, I extended my last goodbye (for the next 2 years )blog-post  (in 2013)  to a few blog-posts, this time i know that keeping the goodbyes short makes everything easy.

Well,to get started ,i am back with a few pictures taken from my  phone (yes, …