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Cupcakes and Chrysanthemums

       I baked cupcakes!!! The exclamation and the feeling of pride (but, like, the humble kind that would facilitate further learning) that come with it are so real. But what doesn’t feel real is I’ve managed to get this blog filled with pictures of food that I made and the recipes I’ve put my time and energy in researching and framing and sometimes, building up whenever I felt like the Internet wasn’t doing me any good. You can only go so far when it comes to following record from the Internet, real fun starts when you take matters in your own hands and experiment with the raw materials you have at home and the ones you acquire from the garden. Although, garden fresh ingredients were used in this particular recipe, this acts as a subtle farewell to my experimentation of all the other, previous recipes ( and hopefully many others in the future when I get inspired to cook and post about the food again hopefully when the skies clear away or when I invest in artificial lighting equipment

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