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the college me

hey fellow beautiful feels like i havent been here in like ages!whoa...i am done missing my blogs and your aswesome blogposts....i have joined college and am all set here.found a few good little dormitory is cool and humble and i am loving it.and also i really dont get the feeling of being away from home most of the is quite a rarity that i feel it.well,apart from this,life is good,although it has been slightly messed up lately, i still feel like i got it all figured out.i know who i want to be,just figuring out how am gonna improvise it,though.funny how long it takes me to do that.pretty long,maybe.

well, looking at the bright side, i have found out that there is so much potential in me to be kind and nice to much goodness that i have been  hiding behind my poker face thinking that all i can do is hurt people.and guess what i am not that heartbreaker that i have been thinking i am.and a few people (my friends )r helping me be the good me…