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hello everyone !!! and me when i look back into this post someday(hehehe) so the last time i went home......all these happened and  first of water!!!!!! i am obssesed with water :\

                                                                  creeper on the ground

i realy wish the day was sunny and bright for this picture up here

lilies in the frontyard

homemade corn pizza ,yay! my mum is on a roll!

                                                                     sunset in the countryside

                                                       taylor bird nests........aaaaaah TAYLOR BIRDS!!!!

and then back to home food.mosambi juice i made on the day i left home and well, it didnt turn out very well:(
Well, hello bloggers! this is a quick recap of my first year in college:).i cant say i loved it but i cant say i hated it though.i learnt a little about things that i hardly imagined existed.learnt deep about things that i knew a little but had not dug deep before.learnt about people,friendship,competition,time and how fast it can fly away.the first few months ,when i was alien to this place, i kinda had a feeling this will  be a place i will miss when i grow up into an adult just like any other things i'd miss or think back .so, i am gonna go ahead and post a few pictures of  this place and hope they remind me of everything about here when i look back at them when i come back to see my blogposts(introvert-ish sigh).....

the path near the cafe.

intersection of pathways

this is the department i have a lot to do with  throughout my time in college:)

the temple where the oh -so -devoted  ,scared-during-exams,and confused students go
 (no offence to God:\) 
 snapshot of an evening

when i (we)grow up....

Hey  beautiful fellow bloggers and buddies!
                                                   I am here to make a new blog entry about the life i might just be living 8 years down the line............until then i will keep enhancing it with all the crazy thoughts and dreams i keep getting in my head about it.......This life that i am talking about .....i always dreamt  it would be a lonely yet happy and free one...well,the good news now is i WON'T BE ALONE in this dream of mine cos it is not just is being shared by a very best friend of mine and we r still in talks with our other friends to share it with  and we r frigging serious about it(yeah u heard me right,we r serious,kids being serious about their future!!!!Okay so if hadnt met  them back then....i would still live this dream thingy by myself ....but  well,we aint kids ,we r just  very clever girls thinking our minds out of our brains to set  the perfect goal in life,besides what is life without  the people u wa…

garden produce back home...

hi everyone!!!!
                      i am so glad to make a blog post after a long time!and here i am back home,semester holidays and new garden full of greens ,veggies,very few  flowers.
 i cant really believe my granny is actually growing a cabbage!seriously !?!!!! in this climate!i am like "great work grandma an ma ,way to go green!"



tomatoes flaked by  ash from granny's firepit
okay so this......these are the flowers from the green .....a different kind of leafy green...i just dont know its name!
SUGARCANE!!!!!!   sugarcane,sugarcane,sugarcane....

and flowers!

i am excited about the transformation my garden has gone through while i was away from home!i am pretty  happy that it has  got greener than happy:)