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keep going

Hello to anyone and every(beautiful)body who is reading .

I am gonna go right ahead and throw the pictures of  my holiday cooking  and believe me it tastes as good as it looks ,yeah.( *patting my shoulders*)

so this one is egg curry ..... and of course my mum helped accomplish this culinary masterpiece that i get to call mine.

This is  my  not-so-great-textured 'custard' and if  u thought it is an omelet at first look don't worry my friends already called it that thing i feel bad for though is that i used up (more like wasted) half of a vanilla pod on this improper custard.....but let me tell u this it was still edible and i liketh it ! really yes it wasn't so bad.
Life is one hell of a ride and mine is  a slow yet weirdly satisfying one  . I haven't been writing much lately ,just the way  I predicted it to be  like 3 years ago.     Okay talking about "year".....the last year was just another year , me  in college ,trying to keep up with ever…