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An art project to kill time


Hope that anyone  and everyone who is reading ( and writing ) this is having an awesome day!
So I indulged myself in a little art project the last time i went home as i was utterly bored. ->Gathered some wildflowers from my front?-yard ->schematically placed them in the ice tray ->added water that was boiled and let to chill down to room temperature (that is the trick here!) ->popped the tray in the freezer -> snap snap snap and here are the pictures
while processing
tray fresh out of freezer
those cubes though!
 I wish had a macro lens to photograph the following pictures :/

Ice-cream served


This summer was good. Me at home on study holidays, cooking meals(YASSS!) making smoothies,juices and who would have guessed that i could make awesome mango ice-cream! My dad loved it! the rest of them say no the chillness and stayed away just like i had to because i didn't have time to eat what i had made, i had to get back to hostel and get on with my preparation for my last exam the same day i made those icecream . What i did was ,
 -> made a mango smoothie(mango,milk,sugar,and absolutely NO WATER-put these in the food processor)
-> filled it in a tumbler because i didn't have an iceream tray ( going to buy soon)
->pup a spoon/spatula stick in the middle  of the smoothie filled tumbler, instead of an ice-cream and as it was thick it  held my spoon  tight and well
->popped it in the freezer for half a day
-> and ice-cream time!

mango smoothie in a bowl

ice-cream that took the shape of my tumbler

Apple juice,very thick and rich haha!

this whole icecream …

One Summer Day

Hello y'all :))) hope you are having one awesomeness of  your day .

The sun oh my oh my is shining bright , almost burning  bright i should say!  it is a  very sunny day here and its as if there is no atmosphere above the part of the earth that i am in and the rays are hitting everything in its way ruthlessly harsh but thanks to the occasional warm breeze and the fresh spring leaves  glistening under the summer afternoon Sun i still get the feeling that global warming has  not reached its catastrophic level "yet"...... so phewww!and few nights now have been so starry and i can only wish for a good camera to capture the moment.So there goes the weather update and i am  loving the clearness of this weather, i can see things crystal clear unlike the moody rainy days...the sky is cloudless and almost azure....i dont know if its just me  but i find it hard to see things clearly when the weather isn't sunny and I'll go right ahead and blame it on my effed up eyesight …