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Stay-in day

Hello, Y'all!
                       I am excited about my blog's music player and it has  my old school favourites on it and brings a radio-cool vibe to my blog and I love it, like,  LOVE IT LOVE IT and the shuffle is there to the rescue if I (or you) want other melodies that are  a tad far from old school, either way, I won't need to skip song.So that's an update on the blog. I've learnt so much these past months and a little bit of it academia and the rest is mostly about computers and I guess I can now say I have quite a bit of a knack for computing and the internet of things, maybe!

It rained at 5:30 AM today and well that has made my day already!I am looking forward to lunch today cos I get the best lunch compared to the rest of the weekday lunches here.

Listening to "Can't help falling in love" by 21 pilots' Tyler Joseph and I should say nothing beats Elvis Presley's version.Nothing.

Planning to learn a thing or two on edX as I will be…