The GRT lunch... this is my first blgopost about my eating in a restaurant on hope u like it....

i confess that orange chocolate dessert in the plastic thingy was soft as velvet(it did flow like water into my throat(not exactly water!)) but as it entered into my throat it felt kinda stinging..........guess it was too strong for my throat!

so bad i did not order that pink cake!

this , i ate .........cabbage salad( i did not like it but i had to eat it to seem outlandish!cos we indians hate undercooked food, mainly salads and cabbage!),prawn(i loved it the most) ,chicken kebab......

i love this restaurant cos it so cool to go there and dine!just look at that design(the wooden tree branch kinda thing)

i did not eat this too!

the flowers look cute ,don't they.....i've been dying to grow them, sadly they don't grow in india,as far as i know

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