holla everyone!

I have  decided to write about the things about my life(yes,personal....besides...blogs are personal most of the times ,right?!!!)...things that have been happening to me(nah,not the bad ones...there is nothing called 'bad')ever since i have entered this new place called college. so,from where to start it off?!this is probably going to be the continuation of an entry i already made about college life here,but this time,i have come after learning something(gaining a teeny bit more wisdom!).
 All my life (mind you, i have a really beautiful life,and i am proud to say it:)  ) i have been with my,mum,dad,grandparents,extended point here is....i also had friends(still have 'em)....and i am not gonna say i am a loner because i am sick of calling myself that,cos i have always had a family and a really good group of people whom i refused to call 'friends' cos i had a completely different definition for here it goes,friendship according to me is (considerably fictional !)a relationship( a bond) where people like each other for what they truly are , have respect for each other ,be formal with each other,care for each other,rarely fight (there IS a question about this cos when people are formal ,how can they 'fight'!?!),and stay together for the rest of their life(i know this particular idea stinks,because when someone stays with u for the rest of ur life  that person can only truly be u or in hypothetical conditions 'spouse'!)....and these reasons are exactly what making me think  friendship doesn't exist .we have to face the fact here,it is never a surety that people stay together for life!i sometimes think 'why start something that is only going to end anyway...nothing lasts forever ' prove me i am wrong when i say that .but u can prove me wrong in one thing,it is about being with people 'as long as you have ur stay on this planet'.now this sounds a bit sensible to i am gonna say this.....things sometimes are redefined and then re-redefined and whoa this goes is just that we have to create a meaningful definition(not a paranoid one!).now,i am not gonna say i have redefined friendship...but i am going to say i have something on my mind:)and talking about life...its a lot easier to talk about life according to me!

 life can be hard,life can be easy,life can be totally unfair....but life can also be incredibly beautiful when u choose the right things,make the right choices (even if they mean getting urself high,by doing the right thing......and am not talking drugs here ......and well,one can get high just by listening to songs(as in my case) or well, anything of their  interests).i know we all have mood swings sometimes,we mess things up,go down in everything,and talk shit (hurtful words) to your buddies,but we should also know that we all have a way out of all that .even now i am only gonna say my same old thing('nothing lasts forever')because i find pleasure in being alone,being able to be who i am,doing what i can do and should do,thinking ,introspecting,setting myself in a way that only i can help tread and make goals and dream big(not so big!)and oh get paranoid at times,find solace in solitude,and through all this....gain some wisdom.Wisdom , done need  a new acquaintance to keep u engaged all the time.u have so much to know and u just can waste all your life's time on people who u r not gonna be in touch after a couple of years (this does not apply to the people who u r darn sure who have a particular charm when it comes to  making real friends which is ,let's say  a comparatively longer time as against to what goes  according to my definition of friends) .now, i do not wanna rephrase the old proverb and say"united we fall,divide we stand" is not gonna make any sense , but being alone ( not a loner)......there is something about being that person who seems confident enough to walk on her own in college,roam around alone(again!) and be humble to people and get to know about the darn place instead of just hanging out with the so called buddies(which sometimes sounds like a fairly nice idea) ,there will come a time when the whole world is going to go down in flames (i mean the is a billion years away ,though and i am not giving the slightest damn about it) or  time when u will have ur god forsaken mood swings or go through rough times...pretty rough ones  or heartbreaking  sad times which might make u curse the very life u r  trying to redefine every time u get disheartened  . so during those times,quickly think about doing nothing but doing what is best to hide those feeling you have about hurting  urself or anybody because of ur bad day ,go snuggle into ur bed  and call it a night or frigging write those feelings down(i am not going to recommend this,though) and do think about the sweet mindful moments of ur life which will lift ur spirits up,best thing to ur parents ....yes them parents...
i also used to think that getting connected to things only gets u into trouble because u will find it hard,way hard to disconnect i always keep telling myself to not get connected with anyone so much!...even ur parents,because they r the only true ones u will full connect with...not even ur friends ....and in some cases it is the vice versa!so my motto is 'dont get connected' sounds insane...i know...i cant help it ,though....okay let me say it again....'dont get TOO connected'.

there is no body called 'enemy'...u just call some people that cos ur thoughts dont sync well with theirs or on the other hand they might be really bad tempered people...some fights last forever so dont ever think about taking ur chance with anyone you know and well,argue or fight because that person just might(might) be the one who could truly be a friend to you amongst all the other people you befriend.and i also realized that being too honest about things can also lead you to trouble again!so,dont be anything unless u think that is the right thing for you to be .be really nice,be optimistic,be good,be a tomboy,be snazzy,be swaggy,be cool...really cool as you can get,be a gentleman(even if u r a girl or a woman)....or should i say be humble (which means being a gentleman....according to me :)).be charming,be strong,be stubborn,be smart,be proud,be fashionable(nobody can call u a bitch just because u wear that extra clip or got ur hair cut according to the trend...just no once....and if they do...u know what they r to call you that! :>)be polite,be everything that this wonderful life can possibly be to is so much more than that show you watch every weekend, that guy/girl u think u like,that fight that gets u paranoid about friendship,that pain that u feel when the person u love has to go away,that moment when u actually thought  u found ur one true friend,that victory,that kiss you mum/dad gives you before sending you off to college,that 'oh-i-am-so-going-down-in-my-studies' thought which can do more than spoil you peace of mind and develop a complex in u about urself that u r nothing but a bag of  flesh just breathing,digesting,burning it off at the end of your day,life is more of a gift which u might never get for christmas,not for diwali,not even on you birthday!it is yours to it full,live it like u will never earn it back when u r going to pop this life like u were born just to make everyone jealous by blogging that u have the best life  (please mind my sarcasm!!!:)!!!)

so live it...

dont care about what is going to invert ur world up side down and make u wonder what on earth u r still doing here.

just keep living it,no matter what comes ur way.

i hope one day this piece of writing gives me the inspiration that  i have right now again  when i well...have my mood swings again:) laughing out loud....wait ,not really :)

i remember someone calling me charming....most of them do ...mum,brother,random people that i am now going call buddies....maybe i am charming or maybe i am not(when i talk crap).i thank them for being nice enough to call me that.i really do.:)

am just gonna go ahead and call them charming too.everyone of us is charming!every one of us is paranoid,good,beautiful,crazy,sick as heck( i mean this is a good way).....

and everyone of us has a life to live and i want y'all to live it as good or bad(the good kind of bad)
as you the people who r numb ...this may not mean a thing(i confess this is not gonna mean anything to me when i am gonna come back here one day heartbroken about something).....but it will make a difference in the way we control and manipulate our minds to think that life is shitty when it just seems is not is all in the state of our mind.

we do things to the extent of boredom and we get sick of it....and call life boring!
we nail the one thing we have been waiting to rock and think we really nailed it!
what we must know is that we must actually accept the shit and good and carry on...just carry on doing our...say,daily grind.....thinking it is going be yet another chance given for us to make it interesting.....getting on with  something new and doing it like u will never be given the opportunity to do it again.....

just do it.its yours to live  so live it good....and love it on your way to becoming what u dream of becoming...

be you own your own villain(just in case!) you own favorite artist who can rock her guitar like she was born to make herself happy when no one else really your own your own counselor.

be a friend to good to an angel to your dad,a gift to your mum,a lovely friend to you brother...or even a mother to your that one person that u r always going to be in love that one soul that you are  going to be with for the rest of you happy. be the life of your life .and maybe even be in love wit your life if u can(i mean ur life!)

-meghana pathapati

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