Ice-cream served


This summer was good. Me at home on study holidays, cooking meals(YASSS!) making smoothies,juices and who would have guessed that i could make awesome mango ice-cream! My dad loved it! the rest of them say no the chillness and stayed away just like i had to because i didn't have time to eat what i had made, i had to get back to hostel and get on with my preparation for my last exam the same day i made those icecream . What i did was ,
 -> made a mango smoothie(mango,milk,sugar,and absolutely NO WATER-put these in the food processor)
-> filled it in a tumbler because i didn't have an iceream tray ( going to buy soon)
->pup a spoon/spatula stick in the middle  of the smoothie filled tumbler, instead of an ice-cream and as it was thick it  held my spoon  tight and well
->popped it in the freezer for half a day
-> and ice-cream time!

mango smoothie in a bowl

ice-cream that took the shape of my tumbler

Apple juice,very thick and rich haha!

this whole icecream without icecream making recipe is an idea of my sister,thank to her i now make simple homemade ic-creams!

And then i made apple juice...then the day ended well with the meals i cooked!

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