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humane-mundane life

with reference to the picture above,  the best way is to be distant but we don't live on an isalnd so you never truly can be distant unless you are asocial/antisocial.
I haven't been posting things lately cos these for the past two years i decided not to write my mind out and especially on the internet, but here i am thinking about where to begin with.
There is just so much i think about all the time but end up documenting nothing cos i dont feel the need to. i just dont know if  this is worth my time or if anything is worth my time or if i am worth my time. I dont know. Do i sound uninterested in life?  maybe .But come on, this isn't a suicide post or  one of those art bitchy posts, so if anybody is reading this sit back and chillax, i ain't gonna be alive and well, well for at least the next 30 years or so . Okay, now i made it sound like people actually read my posts. Man,  i am gonna crack up reading back at this someday in the future .

So, the thoughts in my mind…