Well, hello bloggers! this is a quick recap of my first year in college:).i cant say i loved it but i cant say i hated it though.i learnt a little about things that i hardly imagined existed.learnt deep about things that i knew a little but had not dug deep before.learnt about people,friendship,competition,time and how fast it can fly away.the first few months ,when i was alien to this place, i kinda had a feeling this will  be a place i will miss when i grow up into an adult just like any other things i'd miss or think back .so, i am gonna go ahead and post a few pictures of  this place and hope they remind me of everything about here when i look back at them when i come back to see my blogposts(introvert-ish sigh).....

the path near the cafe.

intersection of pathways

this is the department i have a lot to do with  throughout my time in college:)

the temple where the oh -so -devoted  ,scared-during-exams,and confused students go

 (no offence to God:\) 

 snapshot of an evening
                                  clouds in the night through my isight camera.

I hope i have a happy,non-stressful,educational,useful  rest of the time here:)
and i hope y'all have a good life too:)))

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