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The human brain works up to 10 minutes after death. So, what exactly goes on during those ten minutes? I don't know, maybe this...                            The brain is the computer of your body. Imagine it to realize that it does not get to work anymore and it gets on with doing all the final processes of saving in your memory all that happened that day, the day of your death. Neurons are still firing up like crazy at this point, the doomsday timer is ticking and the computer probably has 9 minutes left.                            I guess it's still saving memories hoping you will come back, somehow.                            Anyways, now it goes over everything that's been saved till date; yourdifferent moods, feelings, memories, hurt, happy times, sad times, good times, bad times, knowledge, the information you made sure to cram in school, your brilliant dreams about going to outer space, your evil plans for the people who are surely but definitely screwing up the E…

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