Women Unstopabble

I read a news clipping today from the New York Mirror, 1950  voicing men who support that women need to be spanked when needed and Teddy Gallei says

"It teaches them who's boss."

 Really? Did some higher power tell you that you are the boss. That higher power also told you that man is the "boss" of every hecking thing in the known universe, leaving aside the fact that not women, not men, not space dogs have the slightest clue what the universe really is, right Teddy? CONTEMPTIBLE.

 I am infuriated that there is such a thing called women empowerment. I mean when did women even need to ask for this? Were they always not empowered just like men did? Oh I know the answer to this, No they were not because apparently, men had gotten their hands onto the bossy rule of pronouncing every move that women had to make in the "man's world". And along the hands of time, women too were susceptible to this practice and, voila, the days turned into " I am…


The human brain works up to 10 minutes after death. So, what exactly goes on during those ten minutes? I don't know, maybe this...                            The brain is the computer of your body. Imagine it to realize that it does not get to work anymore and it gets on with doing all the final processes of saving in your memory all that happened that day, the day of your death. Neurons are still firing up like crazy at this point, the doomsday timer is ticking and the computer probably has 9 minutes left.                            I guess it's still saving memories hoping you will come back, somehow.                            Anyways, now it goes over everything that's been saved till date; yourdifferent moods, feelings, memories, hurt, happy times, sad times, good times, bad times, knowledge, the information you made sure to cram in school, your brilliant dreams about going to outer space, your evil plans for the people who are surely but definitely screwing up the E…

Music and Emotion

I met you when I was 18.

                              Lauv is an artist who blows my mind with his soft, sweet, ambient music*SWOOOON*. His music is the kind that is so tangible yet inexplicably beautiful. I learnt that he, like me( or I, like him), started writing songs early in life even without the experiencing the things he has written in his works.Musicians these days seem to know exactly the right notes to hit that affect us in just the right way.

    Troye Sivan, Birdy, Halsey, Astrid S and now  Lauv-these guys get help me emote more through their music. Maybe I have a serious thing for sad vibed or nostalgic love-themed songs, but don't we all? We're only human and emotions make us who we are for sure and sometimes we let our emotions control us rather than it being the other way around.

Martin Garrix's (singers-Romy Dya, Jamie Scott) "So far away" sits on a whole different level, the lyrics hit…

Food appreciation post

Getting back to the basics of food blogging, I am thinking about which  Christmas movie to watch tonight. Domino's is the best, KFC sucks (maybe in India alone, idk). Here is a quick snap to remember the moment.

I am thrilled they gave a biodegradable spoon for the lava cake, way to go green!

And I borrowed my dad's extra cool Adidas in this shot. They only 'look' like they fit me. Pictures these days can manipulate our brains in crazy ways, all based on the angles used. This one isn't edited though.None of my pictures on the blog is edited, unlike my Instagram. --- Merry Christmas & happy blogging :)

humane-mundane life

with reference to the picture above,  the best way is to be distant but we don't live on an isalnd so you never truly can be distant unless you are asocial/antisocial.
I haven't been posting things lately cos these for the past two years i decided not to write my mind out and especially on the internet, but here i am thinking about where to begin with.
There is just so much i think about all the time but end up documenting nothing cos i dont feel the need to. i just dont know if  this is worth my time or if anything is worth my time or if i am worth my time. I dont know. Do i sound uninterested in life?  maybe .But come on, this isn't a suicide post or  one of those art bitchy posts, so if anybody is reading this sit back and chillax, i ain't gonna be alive and well, well for at least the next 30 years or so . Okay, now i made it sound like people actually read my posts. Man,  i am gonna crack up reading back at this someday in the future .

So, the thoughts in my mind…

Stay-in day

Hello, Y'all!
                       I am excited about my blog's music player and it has  my old school favourites on it and brings a radio-cool vibe to my blog and I love it, like,  LOVE IT LOVE IT and the shuffle is there to the rescue if I (or you) want other melodies that are  a tad far from old school, either way, I won't need to skip song.So that's an update on the blog. I've learnt so much these past months and a little bit of it academia and the rest is mostly about computers and I guess I can now say I have quite a bit of a knack for computing and the internet of things, maybe!

It rained at 5:30 AM today and well that has made my day already!I am looking forward to lunch today cos I get the best lunch compared to the rest of the weekday lunches here.

Listening to "Can't help falling in love" by 21 pilots' Tyler Joseph and I should say nothing beats Elvis Presley's version.Nothing.

Planning to learn a thing or two on edX as I will be…

An art project to kill time


Hope that anyone  and everyone who is reading ( and writing ) this is having an awesome day!
So I indulged myself in a little art project the last time i went home as i was utterly bored. ->Gathered some wildflowers from my front?-yard ->schematically placed them in the ice tray ->added water that was boiled and let to chill down to room temperature (that is the trick here!) ->popped the tray in the freezer -> snap snap snap and here are the pictures
while processing
tray fresh out of freezer
those cubes though!
 I wish had a macro lens to photograph the following pictures :/